What Is Luxury In This Modern Age?

We all want to look good in this day and age and it seems how you look far beats who you are everybody is getting more and more famous because of what they wear and brands are continuinously running during the COVID-19 pandamic era but what does this truly mean for the direction of luxuary in our new normal More and more people around the world are fixed on the idea that this could be an new economic era, a chance to catch up to the big leagues like Richemont and LVMH with new brands launching in this new world everyone has to go back to the drawing boards and think organic and no one is organic like the small brands that completely release collections and products that are human and earth friendly, so could organic be the new luxury?

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Fashion used to be factories working overtime to meet the demand of the customer and now its the customers that are pressed for the latest clothing and the production is slow because of world health. Sustainability was a conversation from early 2019 and now seems to be where luxury has moved to , Many designers have signed the petition on sustainability which closes the gap between big and small brands.

What small brands should be doing is spending on PR because their technique is still raw and there is nothing like simplcity at it’s best which is huge in mainstream and small brands own that. Perhaps luxury should not be determined by a brand name but the work it took to create a particular garments especially for us man where fabric, cut and stitch matters and functionality should be at its peak, Recently in the news we see that big brands like Burberry are struggling to stay open, people are losing jobs in headquaters. The fahion industry has been rocked to its core the real question is that can the fashion industry sustain sustainability since its the new luxury?

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