Nasty C

Nasty C has always been known by the “Coolest Kid In Africa” yes we mean Africa, He has proved why he is the coolest. After the release of his two mixtapes and an EP he released Hell Naw his debut single from the album Bad Hair and just like that he had us at the palm of his hand as fans were anticipating the album by the time it dropped it was the most streamed album within 24hours and peaked in number 1 on the iTunes local charts the singles “Don’t Do It'”, “Good Girls and Snapchat Hoes” and “Phases” featuring Rowlene were commercially featured in countries like Germany, United States of America and United Kingdom which was rare for a African video. When the single “Allow” featuring French Montana happened he started getting recognized as a force to be reckoned with, MTV Europe Music Awards nominated him in 2017 and the B. E. T Awards.

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Most people didn’t realize that these were climbs at a bigger piece of the pie which our brother finally has. But Nasty C had bigger plans for his second studio album, The release of Jungle and King featuring A$AP Ferg proved to us that not only was he opening the door to international status but he was kicking it down, Showing how possible it is for young talented African musicians to known world wide. The album Strings And Bling released July 6th both digital and hardcopy has a feeling of timelessness to it, The song felt old even though it was new and that’s was the1st time the team listened to it.

It it critically one of the best South African albums that you do not need to skip but let it take you where ever Nasty C was going which is an insight really of what he has been going through since “Celebrity” kicked in for his talent, there’s a line he says in one of the tracks that he started reading the Bible not because he has done something wrong but for survival of this new world his talent has taken him into. And with SMA single featuring Rowlene he showed us a peak of his emotional side and exposes insecurities that other rappers would not do due to image, But when he did he reminded us of Song Cry by Jay Z and how sometimes emotions can be the only thing musicians can use to become relatable.

Not only is he talented but he’s also business minded, It wasn’t long after the launch of Strings & Bling that he decided to launch his own record label and that was a game changer as now he is his own boss with the new album coming “Zulu Man With Some Power” Nasty is already ahead of us again as a lot of international artist are rumored to appear in this project, The single “God Flow featuring crownedYung” and “There They Go” proves his new upcoming album is also going to be a club banger and we can’t wait and the fact that it’s released under DefJam proves his business ethics.

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