Modern Day Spiritualist

More and more people around the world want to feel the word of God living within them, And the popular word they use is “Spiritual”, So I did my research about what truly does the word spiritual means.

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The word Spiritual essentially means intangible, So this has nothing to do with what they “expect” from God but rather being in that connection with God like our forefather Abraham.

In the Bible he is described as the friend of God but that did not make him a billionaire with one of the Jenner sisters as a wife. We in the modern day put the desires of our heart first rather than acknowledging that as soon as God chooses you, your desires fade into dust, And that is the reason why Jesus Christ says “Foxes have dens and birds have nests but the Son of Man has no place to lay his head”, thus saying God’s will is the one that should prevail in you. So could our modern day euphemism be a cry from millions around the world for help?, Being spiritual is a vehicle into living a God-like life where not the idea of perfection is achieved but the way that will lead you to the truth which essentially is who you are, Millions look outside but it takes a certain person that God will chose for you to tap into the inner you which is perfection.

It is said “Seek 1st the Kingdom of Heaven and it’s righteousness and all of these things shall be added onto you”, That means God wants us to be prosperous but also he is a jealous God so He does not want to share the victory in your life with other gods.

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