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Perhaps a lot of people are asking themselves why Digital is so imperative in this day and age and some perhaps have their own reasoning but one of the most fundamental reasons why Digital is so important is that it is a huge time saver, For people that are busy with their lives going to the shop can be abit stressful especially when your time pressed, The long lines and the chances of not getting what you really needed are partly large. But when going online and getting exactly what you need and avoiding the long lines is far more easier to comprehend and another imperative reason is that we live in a world filled with different types of sickness, and going out could be a potential problem for you getting in contact with that particular sickness.

Digital is also the source of tracking information and knowing exactly what the customer needs, For example when using an iOS device and going to the App Store and downloading the type of apps you interested in the second time around Apple will compile a list of apps they think you should have according to what you already have in your gadget. Be it the zen lifestyle or a muscle jock it will be easier for you to get what you want without having to search all day for it.

Sustainability of Digital

In the publication industry we value recycling instead of cutting down more trees but digital closes a gap between environmental protection and sustaining a sustainable business like us for example, We have decided to go the route of keeping the niche and style of printed magazines but done it in our own way which cancels a lot of environmental issues we are facing today. In one of our seminars we had protestors from various publication company’s making valid points of how “If this grows” will lead to a lot of people losing their jobs. And to that we responded that it’s easy for a person to get another job rather than destroying of what’s left of our planet and everyone not having jobs, And we gathered that the reason why most companies are dragging their feet to turn sustainable is that companies do not want to lose money with a new system and having a new system means having to train all the employees to be able to perform at the level best.

And that brings us to the conclusion that going digital is the best way to be environmentally friendly and also brings you way more clients to the business without having to spend an arm and a leg, But remember it is not for you but the world we live in and that more important than loss and profit

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