Riky Rick’s New Year

Rick the rapper that stole 2019 is back for the second edition of his much anticipated festival Cotton Fest #CF2020, Which last year brought us performances by AKA, Nasty C and Frank Casino to mention a few.

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The rapper mentioned that this is a platform for upcoming artist that are ignored by mainstream. in an depth interview Riky mentioned that “Hype Starts In Your Neighborhood “ for any artist. This kind of love and support from Riky definitely gets you a seat into mainstream like he did for rapper Frank Casino in the remix of the smash hit “Whole Thing”, We have noticed that Riky is now a confidant to hype man Lil Vinny and Young Stilo a talented photographer who we are in awe of, We can’t wait to see the hard work they have in store for us

Riky has been working none stop and in 2020 it seems like nothing is about to change from selling merchandise which we are obsessed with, To releasing new music featuring AKA, Mlindo The Vocalist and DJ Tira, Riky isn’t here to play games. The rapper also recently just purchased the business Legends Barber In Waterfall Corner and franchised it to 11locations around South Africa. The level of skill of his employees is extraordinary, As no one has ever filed a complaint. And we will not forget to mention how he moved from a Gucci gang leader to a Tommy Hilfiger beau. Personally meeting Tommy in he’s design studio and it’s just the beginning of the year, We should brace ourselves for 2020 Riky

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