South African Fashion Week 2017 D I C K E R

The black wall and the concrete floors said it all at the 2017 South African Fashion Week as D I C K E R was showcasing their 2017

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Spring / Summer collection that made us reconsider the biker lifestyle with a mix of old skool hip hop which blends the two street cultures together into a very well detailed everyday wear, The collection featured neutral tones before mainstream and the trend of wearing boots with everything, was created.

The delegation to detail makes the oversized jerseys a spring must have and the flowing water patterned trousers are a true breezy in the spring heat, A true practical collection that has something for everyone

The collection flowed like water from whites to creams of wool and even darker shades of that neutral tone the designers decided to go with, Their decision on the colors showcases how they did not want to do the usual splash of colors for spring but rather break the cycle with neutral shades that gives the collection a breath of fresh air

Towards the end the black shade came in and that’s when the audience saw how versatile these designers are, From long jerseys worn as a “jersey dress” to soft wool jerseys that are a breeze in spring are definitely some of our must have for spring today, Impeccable delivery and crafted differently but still practical, A uniformity for everyday wear.

South African Fashion Week 2017 D I C K E R
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