Are You Addicted To Sex?

It seems each time a celebrity is caught stepping outside of his marriage; “sex addiction” gets the blame. So what is that, exactly? Here’s a brief look…

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In most adults, healthy sexuality is an integrated life experience. Sex with partners, with self, or as a part of exploring new relationships is usually a pleasurable act of choice. For sex addicts, however, sexual behaviour can be most often defined by words such as “compulsive”, “driven” and “secretive”. These addicts use sex as a way of coping; dealing with to handle boredom or anxiety and sometimes as a way to feel important, wanted or powerful. Sexual addiction involves a complex psychological compulsion in which sex and the pursuit of sex is used to distract themselves from typical life stresses and pressures that they are unable to deal with in healthy ways. Most experts agree that “addiction is addiction”, whether substance-based (drugs or alcohol) or process based (sex, gambling or overeating). While it isn’t easy for the non-addicted to understand, there are many areas where an addiction to sex brings the problems as alcoholism and drug addiction:

• There is a change in the brain chemistry of sex addicts, just as there is in substance abuse

• Sex addicts, like drug addicts and alcoholics, lose control over their ability to make the right choices – and all addicts all use complex systems of denial to act out their additions and hide them from others.

Multiple addictions often exist concurrently, both behaviourally and with substances The focus of treatment is the same across all addictions; usually involving a combination of individual, group and/or couples therapy; and participation in 12-step or other recovery programs.

If you or someone you know had a problem with addiction, your doctor is well-versed in ensuring you see the right professional for the issue. The sooner you deal with it, the better off you’ll be

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