Celine 11 Gender Neutral Fragrance

On January 21st 2018 LVMH announced the appointment of Hedi Slimane as Artistic, Creative & Image Director set to join the house on February 1st He is to direct all
Céline collections including the 2019 show that got everybody talking including Francesca Belletini. extending the brand’s offering with the launch of men’s fashion couture and fragrances. In September 2018, Slimane presented an updated Celine logo on the brand’s Instagram account. Slimane created his retail flagship concept stores in Paris, Tokyo, Shanghai, Los Angeles, Madrid, Milan and London. Slimane replaced the brand’s tradition style with his personal signature which he developed at Saint Laurent “driven by youth culture, indie rock and sulking adolescence.” This concept was revolutionary at Saint
Laurent but can it be revamped at Celine?
Fanatics of Celine believe in the direction Hedi’s is taking the brand
especially with the newly launched 11 gender neutral fragrances

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This step has got everyone talking In 1964, the launch of the new fragrance “Vent Fou” and the new ‘American Sulky’ collection of accessories gained success. The trench became the chief product of the house. Prompted by the popularity of leather, Céline opened a leather goods factory in Florence.
And with the history of this well oiled machine success was enviable plus Hedi’s take from Dior Homme which he left in 2007 to Yve Saint Laurent which he also left in 2016 proves that Celine is the new oyster from this talented designer
The fragrances feature a neutral scent that are in the same smell scheme, The bottles are all the same which is something that has never been done especially with a luxury house, The only difference are the scents and their labeling.

The scents utilize classic notes found in French perfumery of the Sixties and Seventies. The bottles are made to reflect a certain sense of quality that cannot be described evoking the Art Deco era and French glass blowing. Nine of the 11 fragrances in the collection will launch in October, with the remaining two arriving in stores in 2020. The 11 perfumes will be marketed as unisex, with eight scents intended for day and three scents for night.

With the eight day fragrances you are sure to find your very own special day scent that differs on how you wear it, But the three night scents are something that truly needs to be authentic to each other, Maybe a “Lite, Medium and Strong” versions of the same Eau de Toilette, We have been waiting for Hedi Slimane’s to explain how these fragrances smell like but he’s leaving that to the imagination of the Celinematics. Which are huge fanatics really of the brand but with Hedi’s influence in the fashion industry he is sure to bring Celine a whole new range of customers and of his craftsmanship with clothing and accessories. We cannot wait to smell these gender neutral fragrances

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