Fashion Without Boarders 2020 Spring Review

We recently were invited to the famous Fashion Without Boarders 2020 Spring Collection Showcasing In Sandton. Serge Kabisoso the model turned business man really invested a great deal into the event company that owns Fashion Without Boarders, Its people like him that build South African Fashion Industry into what it is today, Below you find a review of the whole show and designers that are a must see. 

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It was lights, camera, action at the FWB 2020 Spring Collection but in the air was dubious energy from the xenophobic attacks happening in South Africa, The theme of the show was ‘My Africa’ which inspired guests to wear their favorite African designers. We talked to a few guests including Monte Oz and he mentioned there was not a more important time to unite Africa especially through Fashion. Designers brought back the ecstatics of African prints and layers to best interpret the ambience of the time we are going through in South Africa right now. Although there were deeply rooted pains in the room we were excited to see a sort of escape from reality with the senseless killings going on. Designers were screaming with power and courage in representing strong African woman that were affected by this epidemic, From makeup provided by Avon showed off models as though they had black eye from an abusive relationships but it was done in a very strong and fierce way as to send a sort of subliminal message that woman are strong and courages to conquer anything, and the designers could not be anymore perfect as though they all got the memo before hand, It was truly a cold night that showed off the effortless woman walking like lionesses.

In the audience were African people mixed together to celebrate this uplifting moment in the fashion industry, From Ghana to Nigeria it was packed full with fashion fanatics dressed all in African designers. Mohale the groom-to-be to the extraordinaire Somizi aka Som Gaga wore a traditional Ghanaian ensemble that just tied everything together with his iconic Moroccan tarboosh, And the ever gorgeous supermodel Kaone Kario who in the middle of the show inspired everyone by saying “Show Up For Yourself” thus meaning always be where you need to be depending on what your goal is in your chosen career choice, And also have the audacity to leave doubt behind or like Kaone would say “SMASH THROUGH IT” and to add a stitch to the fabric Berita was performing live and her set was truly amazing, She opened her set with “Phakama Africa” which means Stand Up Africa with the violence going on the South African singer shed light and hope for the mixed audience while wearing a very chic Nipo Skin dress.

Designers like Zizipho Mgxothiwa for Zii Apparel who literally stole the show with her satin collection exclusively told us that her collection was inspired by her customer who wanted a satin dress, Its a very difficult fabric to work with but the outcome was tailor made to fit a woman like a glove, The effortless collection contain strong details that we approve as a haute couture collection that is a must have for woman all over the world, But also there was a Kaelo Godirwang from Botswana who showcased his athleisure collection that was a must have, The attention to detail in every jacket was mind blowing with that logo graffiti printed on each jacket made the collection a ready to wear collection. But the Botswanian designer shockingly also had on a teal suit that also had the logo on the left pocket of the blazer, Which got us thinking what else can he really do.

A star rose on the same day as E-SWAG also showcased and the 11 year old Ethan designer that designs for children from 8years to 14years old, We were blown away by the designs that featured see through fabrics and done in a very athleisure way to make sure kids still can play in it, Its nothing like we’ve seen in the market and the market is in serious need of this new way of thinking especially from a perspective of a child which is truly what they like, The sports bags were a hot item that featured all sorts of cuts and designs but what truly amazed us is that the little designer after the show gave the front row key chains that had the logo of his company with all the details of the clothing brand. And we cannot wrap up without mentioning Iman Mtshali for Iman Apparel she has created a elegant showcasing of sensual and beautiful garments for women as they walked down the runway the chills each garment possessed was overwhelming, A sparkling fairytale with exquisite cuts that should be showcased in a exhibition right next to Christian Dior in the section of well used fabric choices

Editor In Cheif Kev Zulu & Monte Oz
Fashion Without Boarders 2020 Spring /Summer
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