A Modern Man: Francis Mathe

This month we feature the talented model and f itness guru Francis Mathe, We learn about his fitness journey and how things will not happen overnight plus we dig deep into he’s love for what he does and why it’s important to love what you do, His guilty pleasure of clothing and how being a model was a gateway for him to do what he loves. We at The Beau Guide sure learned a lot from him and hope you do too.

01. Afternoon Francis, Thank you for sitting down with us, Have you’ve been well? Yes I’m doing great thanks. Thanks for the opportunity

02. Tell us, How did winter treat you and are you looking forward to summer? Yeah, I’ve been putting a lot of work at the gym, unfortunately I’ve had a lot of set backs but I always got up and pushed towards that summer body (Giggles)

03. What goes into your mind everytime you work out, Is there something abit more personal to the disciplined regiment? Yeah of course, body building isn’t just working on your body, I believe it also has to do with sharpening your focus, obtaining a certain mind state while you go through your sets, Meditation if you will.

04. Is working out a stress reliever for you? Absolutely, I just like everyone else go through a lot on a day to day and like I said, training invokes a type of focus. So all it takes is hitting gym, taping into that wave of meditation.

05.You have clients you show how to workout, Before a class. What do you usually tell your clients? I try to understand their goals first because we all have different desires at heart. And you know working out is hard, It requires a commitments most tend to fall out from especially when they feel they are not seeing results. So I try to advice that it wont come easy, it will take consistent effort.

06. That sound very inspirational, Like you inspire them enough to get it done for themselves, Tell about your modeling career how long have you’ve been in the business? It’s been three full years now modeling professionally. But I began in 2016, that’s when I was still trying to figure it out, what it takes, the requires look and the whole industry overall.

07. You did research that’s amazing for a model theses days, Did all that studying make it easier for you when you started modeling professionally, If so, How so? Well, I’d like to think that it put me in a position to understand the difference between a fashion agency and talent agency. I feel a lot of people apply into the wrong agency, one that doesn’t correspond with their desired field and potential level and you have to understand that each agency has a lot of models that it’s hard to keep up with all of and market each one properly and so that allows for a set back.

08. That’s true. The demand is not as high as the supply, Which designers have you walked for that inspire you to continue because it is not easy as you make it look? I’ve had the pleasures of working with MacGale’s clothing line, Konka republic and Nkature. I found that I identify a great deal with these designers creativity. I enjoyed each garment I had the pleasure to wear. So it always had me yearning to see and be part of their new range.

09. We will definitely check them out, Tell us what would you tell your younger self, With all this information you’ve gathered so far? Grow a thick skin, keep trying and don’t allow for rejection to discourage you. I found that with every casting, there’s already a required look and how best it bring the designers garments to life, sometimes we allow for personal feelings to interfere with those decisions. So just do away with those and try to have fun while you go throw the learning curves of finding and owning your look.

10. That’s amazing. Do you have any projects ahead for our readers in engage with you at? Well, not for all the readers i guess (Giggles) I’m working at making it back to the strip club. It’s a small hobbie of mine.

11. How’s that experience, Having a side hustle? As everyone has one these days. And why did you choose being a stripper? It’s overwhelming (Giggles) I’ve always liked to perform exotic dancing in my room and as soon as I understood I could make a few pennies from it, I tasked myself but it’s being in front of a bunch of strangers that’s tricky, Summoning the courage to perform has been a continued task to master

12. We have learned from you like to study for what we are passionate about & have the courage to do it even though sometimes it feels very challenging and keep being consistent like working out. Thank you very much for sitting down with us Francis, We hope to catch up more with you in the future? Thank you for having me, It’s been an absolute pleasure

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The Beau Guide Team
The Beau Guide Team