25 Rules Everyman Should Live By

As men, As gentlemen we have a set of rules to live by. So those unspoken rules we thought we round them up for you to start being a gentlemen rather than a boy in a suit.

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01. Be gentle to the opposite sex

– Being aggressive to the opposite sex is not a good idea because
you turn out to be an ass wipe because they way you play is not
the way they play.

02. Dress well no matter the occasion

– Being well dressed shows you care, Shows you can be
professional and clean at all times. Reflects good about your

03. Pride is dangerous, Be careful

– Being prideful is like being a peacock, Always needing a crowed
and never being wrong.

04. Giving up a seat is not for discussion

– Always make sure people around you are comfortable, If that
means giving up a seat so that there’s peace do so

05. Work hard

– Working hard proves endurance, proves where you want to go in
life and by hard work, you usually get there.

06. Fighting does not mean your man enough

– Being the strongest in the room does not make you the man
people look up to but by the way you handle yourself in
conflicted situations.

07. Knowledge is power

– Always seek to know more, make sure you test everything so it
makes sense to stand for something worthwhile.

08. Suit up

– Make sure you own a suit, a well tailored one that fits you

09. Be confident

– Being confident is not being arrogance, there’s a thin line
between the two so be conscious

10. Live outside of your comfort zone

– Living outside of your comfort zone means being able to takes
risks once, maybe twice.

11. Foul language is a no

– Swearing is not how a gentleman talks, no matter how times
change having a dirty mouth is not a good idea

12. Make eye contact

– Always make sure to look inside of the eyes of everyone, so that
they may take you seriously.

13.Be romantic

– Being romantic is not a sign of feminism, it just means you can
put someone else’s needs first than yours

14.Stay groomed

– Making sure your hair is cut and and beard is well trimmed
means your clean.

15.Admit when your wrong

-No one is always right, and not being right means your human to
acknowledge your wrongs, admit and move on

16. Always make the first move

– Men should be daring and being daring makes you brave
amongst other man.

17. Always say “Thank you” & “Please”

– Using the golden rules makes people around you use the golden

18. Handshakes should be strong

– Shaking another man’s hand shows off how firm you are, do not
be weak with hand shakes.

19. Leave her breathless

– Leaving her breathless means you exceeded her expectations
and went beyond, do that always.

20. Don’t judge, just improve yourself

-Seeing a flaw in others means you have a flaws of your own, do
not judge just work on your own.

21. Speak your mind

-Don’t be arrogant, but stand for something you truly believe in
regardless of what people may think

22.Your a man, your paying

– Don’t be that guy that does not get the bill, A man provides for
his family and he’s girlfriend.

23.Compliment everyone

-Does not matter the state of whoever, complimenting shows your
a good person that sees the good in everyone.

24. Never wear your hat indoors

– A gentleman makes sure to respect everyone and wearing hats
indoors is a no.

25. Do not be a center of attention

– Don’t be a show pony, Be silent and make your mark

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