What Being Best Dressed Could Potentially Mean To You, Your Friends And Your Lover

Have you ever thought what your clothes are communicate to the world, Could the reason why your unemployed be because of the way you dress in interviews or that one girl you see as a marriage material and the reason she’s not with you be clothes. Whatever it is think of it like a gift, Before you see what’s inside it’s usually wrapped up in wrapping paper and those are the clothes you put on. From colognes to haircuts it all matters

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And do you ever wonder what yours communicates to the world, Well to you its comfortable its safe, its something that you feel best describes you and your personality. Making sure you cut your hair week to week shows cleanliness and the will to stay updated and not wanting to change your image, But someone might want to change their look time to time to experiment with different looks and that’s an adventurous person that is really willing to try whatever’s on the menu. They may usually see themselves as rebels pr out going but people looking at it may automatically think, unemployed, young and abit of a radicle rather than the smart casual wear which consist of chinos, shirts and classic sneakers but thats just the radicle middle that could be or could be not employed depending on the person ofcause but formal people are usually the ones ranked on top of the food chain, Business man style are the ones that are regarded as “well off” and that is why that even when con artist dress up we fall into their trap quick.

Depending on these three very different styles what could it all mean to your friends, Well people that change their look time to time are regarded as rebellious and friends do think they are cool, infact they are a force to be reckon with not only socially but also intimately because any seem to be the type that understands everything. But unfortunately for the smart casual guys they might be regarded as princely and the “everything is perfect” kinda guy, everybody is on their high alert and always pretending to be someone they are not so fake relationships start to form and ultimately become big / deep. With the formal guys their friends regard them as money spenders, they ofcause think you have a nice arpartment and a flashy car, Someone to borrow money from.

But for their better halfs its a sad reality because the trendy ones which change time to time are regarded as playboys as they are the life of the party so girls just want to have fun with them and nothing special, They can get into a relationships but girls see them as guys that are one foot in and one foot out. For the casual guys girls always see stability someone that could marry them, someone that has a stable foundation might / might not drink and smoke wheres its a definite for the trendy guy. Anyway about the casual dudes they can also be viewed as control freaks as they do not have that loose character and everything should go according to plan.

Formal guys for girls are the most wanted maybe we should say “most needed” because automatically girls feel a sense of financial security with these guys, They realize they will have to accommodate their every bad and annoying habits in order to secure the bag, There is usually very little emotion to this relationship as the guy gets home exhausted and just wants to tap out and sleep whilst the girls needs are not met but are met financially which makes their woman cheat with younger guys that can extremely perform for money in return


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