After The Party, What Is Next? Beau Tips

Navigating your way through the difficulties of growing up and being a responsible adult has its pros and cons, Some really never make it to the end of the tunnel which is where the light should be. So we at The Beau Guide decided to give you tips on how to navigate your way through the life your living and the one you want to live & be happy

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There is a great deal of growing up and feeling the need to free express your freedom may be it through getting a tattoo or drinking until you past out literally. But everyone at some point in their lives asks themselves what does their future look like, Depending on how life has shaped you during your rebellious phase, You can never be too quiet sure on what it is your meant to do I guess thats where the quote “Mistakes shape you to become the person your meant to be” comes in but even then do not go above the limits, For example I knew someone that quit school at Grade 12 thinking he was going t o make it as a rapper unfortunately 5years later he’s not even interested in rapping anymore, Yea that was he’s lesson but I am here trying to prevent you from going over the edged. Because having something to fall back on when its all said and done is a great way to pick up the pieces of whats left of your life and continue to the next phase of live as an adult

Having a plan that someone who l oves you drafted out for you(preferably your parents) is usually what we call a “back up” plan, I say do it and get done with school and prove to them you can persevere under extreme pressures of school, Because no one really likes a quitter. After preferably matric do look for a job something you can use to get ahead in life, Say your true passion is starting your own business you can put away money and make sure that when that business launches its got the basics to pull in some income, Because like the biggest of business people had to start by working somewhere before their big break into the industry of business. A back up plan is there just incase things do not go according to plan and are really a smart critical move to a financial boost through getting a job to sustain the life your trying to create for yourself. I am not saying do not have fun but just know that older people are older for a reason so soak up that wisdom


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