Tokyo James

We at The Beau Guide are obsessed with Tokyo James and with this designer issue we had to feature him as one of the best African designers that show authenticity with he’s designs, A strong vision and the ability to represent Africanism background without rubbing it in our faces. He started his fashion career whilst in school studying BSC Mathematics Degree while wearing the hat of being a creative director & global editor of Rough a digital publication that has international exposure to countries around the world like Africa, Italy, United States of America, United Kingdom & France and is very respected within the publication world and with all this success its only been around for 9years. He truly has an ability to wear different hats at the same time and makes it look graceful enough to look easy. He has showcased with South African Mens Week more times than we could count and delivers with each and every collection, Not to mention his diversity in ad campaigns he’s good eye for marketing to an audience that is predominantly male encourages men to go out and buy the new Tokyo James purse with tribalism in its minimalistic mood but also just right to merge with everything in your closet. And we at The Beau Guide would like to say salute to one of our own that is doing great things internationally as well as locally, He has single handedly proven that the sky is not only the limit but is just a level where everyone can reach. A perfect story on professionalism meets determination meets talent and meets the right timing. We love you

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