How To Clean Your Space Under An Hour

The Dishes – If you have a dishwasher, throw all your dirty dishes in there, even if later you’ll have to take them back out to more thoroughly pre wash them. Just putting them in a sink is fine too, Fill the sink with water, Put in the soap and let it soak for a while you do other chores. If you have time to actually wash the dishes great, but if not at least nothing smells like your mothers cooking that she dropped off at your place because you still suck at cooking.

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The Bathroom – With the bathroom its all about appearance if it doesn’t look clean probably is not, So the trick is to wipe everything with a damp cloth and use whatever cleaning product you prefer wipe the sink, toilet, shower glass and most importantly the floor.

Laundry Basket – Us guys usually soak our clothing with sweat from sports we do or running up and down for no reason and that smell in clothing usually raises up and starts to sink up the room, We cannot smell it because we live in it but the solution is to have that one pair of sweats you work out with and in the morning hang them outside to get that sunshine in them.

The Living Room – Is pretty easy, Wiping the coffee table and making sure everything is tucked away neatly. Vacuuming the carpet or sweeping it also gives off a clean vibe as no one wants to see crumbs on the floor or a coffee stain on the floor and it would be ever better if you have aromatic succulents to keep the living space smelling fresh rather than scented because theres a difference between the two. Some use fragranced candles like vanilla, ocean scent or a rosy garden

The House – With the house outside it needs to look neat meaning just because your a guy does not mean you should not clean your windows because dust forms everytime you open your windows and the porch is a must clean as its the entrance and exit of the house

The Garden – As a guy you are already looked upon as the guy that must know how to do some garden work, And imagine how disappointing it must be if you do not, Paying someone is good and all but theres a sense of pride knowing how to handle a garden tool.

The Bedroom – Where the magic happens, The bedroom should be smelling good above all, The bed should be made and the blankets washed maybe on a 2 months time setting. It is sensitive because that’s where you sweat, fart during the night and like everything else starts to smell. An aromatic spray is necessary because your dirty clothes are there and sneakers. People usually say the bedroom is the a private room but if your not comfortable with people entering it might not be as up to date as it probably should be.

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