D I C K E R launched a summer/spring 2017 collection that took the fashion world by storm, Showcasing a rather spectacular and unique way to normalized clothing. The collection featured chokers that are gender neutral. We were taken by a storm when we learned that the entire collection is gender neutral and their take on visuals was rather a gloomy ecstasy which is where the whole future of fashion is heading. The designers forward thinking breaks the norm to a normalized clothing, Their unique take on material and cut makes them a unique duo thats right after Dolce & Gabbana’s crown. Their breathe of fresh air relates more to the youth of the world that is all about breaking norms and standing out as an individual yet dressing up with complete control of the personality you are. We are truly looking forward to their new collection because it has truly been an amazing ride they have taken us on and the we at The Beau Guide know for sure that it was not the climax of the fashion house as young as they are we are expecting more daring pieces that can be functional yet so uniquely different. We are definitely fanatics of the fast growing fashion house that above all is gender neutral and makes sure to pop the social pimple

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