What To Do When Your Expecting A Baby

I’m sure woman talk about it all the time. But it’s about time that we as men talk about it too. When expecting a child is getting closer and closer the main thing men do is panic because it is a new experience that your about to partake on, Well before you panic think about it this way, Am I mentally ready to welcome a new baby because a baby should come in a loving environment, meaning they can detect bad energy from the parents thus affecting your child from the get go.

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Another thing you should be financially ready to spend on all the necessary equipment to keep the baby quiet enough for a hour or two. Because 1st is was “Happy Wife, Happy Life” But until the baby is grown to a toddler it’s “Happy Baby, Sleeping Parents” which brings us to our next point. Be prepared not go get enough sleep, be prepared for date night to go out the window because as soon as you are parents life revolves around the infant baby so when the baby is sleeping that’s when you will sleep until then juggling work and a baby will be your priority. It would be awesome to have help preferably a in house nanny or even your wife’s retired mother to make sure the baby does not keep mommy and daddy awake all the time. And until you’ve checked listed the above then your ready to go because every delication starts at the mind, money moves it and love protects it.

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