Taboo Health Practices Round The World

Around the world there are strange practices people do in the name of health. From drinking urine to having multiple sex partners to “release tension” is sure a taboo for us. Now without judging we thought we alert the rest of the world on what could work for you, If you’ve tried it all why not try these too. Because you can never be sure where your next help is coming from.

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Urine Therapy – This is therapy that involves urine and quite often your own. It has been used as a curative in both the medical and cosmetic world and in many cultures and eras, Teeth-whitening, skin protection, acne cure, strep throat and broken bones to name a few. Sometimes the urine is ingested directly, whilst other times the urine is made into a poultice or directly placed on the skin.

Mercury – It has even been found in Egyptian tombs dating as far back as 1500BC. Mercury was believed to cure ailments, heal wounds, prolong life and a whole bunch of other things

Ghee – Is a glass of purified butter that originated in India as traditional and religious medicines. Helps with the development of the brain as it gives the brain fat they need to sustain relief.

Puking – Is a method used in India to clean someone’s system. The process of it is that you boil water and drink it and puke it out. Some people use it to flush out the drugs in their system especially people who do not know how to quit using drugs and this taboo health practice is sometimes used with vinegar or salt

Bloodletting – Is a taboo health care known to better heal stress levels and blood cloths within the body. Some believe it’s the reason why people in the olden says didn’t have tumors, Most woman menstruate monthly and research says that’s why most woman do not have blood cloths which (in males) end up being prostate cancer.

Sex – Is a great way to ease up tension but could having multiple sex partners be all the relief you need to live a stress free life. Originated in America a Dr used this specific engagement to supposedly heal woman going through anxiety attracts and woman who do not have self esteem the Dr specifically see results after two to three weeks and the woman say the same too

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