Modern Man: Christian Zas’s The Author

We recently sat down with Christian Zas’s the author of the novel Labyrinth’A Puzzles Continent’, As we discussed various aspects of the African continent and how its in a maze like kind of growth with which some people do not make it out alive. It is a serious global issue that should spark a conversation globally. Mr Zas’s is a lover of he’s dark skin and teaches self confidence and wisdom about where your from to understand where your going.

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01. Thank you for sitting down with us Christian, Tell us what inspired your novel Labyrinth? As an African who’s daily facing a couple of negative situations within the African society, which is more dominated by corruption, hunger, dictatorship, wars, etc. I believed that all those issues are considered to be trapping African people within a sort of labyrinth and making them unable to come out

02. What do you plan to achieve with someone reading the novel and what kind of audience is your story for? I’d like to say that the first target of my book is an African audience, and the major purpose of it, is for one to see his own importance within the African society, and the African continent as a whole, which of course enlightens the mind of people to see others like themselves in order to promote unity among us people from the same soil.

03. You sound like an activist, Are you willing to partake on that path? (Smiles) If activism is all about bringing unity and promoting African values in all the facets, Well I think I am.

04. Are there any organizations you are involved in? I think the most important thing is for one to have a changed mind before changing the crowd, By now I’m not affiliated to any organization but I’m pretty sure I will definitely join some if it means strengthening ourselves.

05. That’s interesting. Tell us who is Christian Zas? Christian Zas is an African who tries to take off a piece of himself and make a contribution to building a better Africa, and by the means of writing, he chose to make his voice heard.

06. What would you tell your younger self? Be the most curious one when it comes to learning, Use all circumstances good or bad to equip and teach yourself, There’s a lesson behind every problem.

07. Be able to adapt is the lesson. When can we expect the second novel? Every next step depends on the previous one, I’m surely giving this one a good time to settle into people’s minds and to broaden as much as it can so that I can see about the next release, But for the love of my audience and the message I have to take out, I think I will come back to them in the next 2 years with another mind-blowing work.

08. Now on the business side of things. How well is your novel doing in stores The official launch is set for this coming month in May, From there one can get it straight from the stores, But currently, I don’t want to be selfish to prevent my close friends and families to get it from myself, they are now the most privileged ones.

09. Do you think Africa is ready for more authors like yourself that not only write about self-confidence but that are starting what should be a global discussion? Of course yes, I believe that Africa is the center of everybody’s eyes today, And any positive theme that is related to Africa is therefore related to the world, You can not be confident about yourself without looking at the issues that surround you, Your confidence will fail you if it does not resonate with any reality around you

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