Growing Up Under The Social Media World

Life without social media was way more simpler “so they say” because children everywhere were outside playing with their friends rather then being worried about their followers. We at The Beau Guide decided to make a summery incase your 14year old is deciding to join social media and really what to expect.

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•1st thing 1st no one cares, especially of your just starting out. People never like baking a cake but sure do want to eat it after it’s all ready.

•The 2nd thing you may post something that someone else might not like and that should not be something that influences you to change that particular thing about you.

•3rd thing you may need to know is that everything and everyone you see online carefully strategizes posts to get the needed feedback to move their brands forward, So do not think “They Woke Up Like That”

•Lastly if you joined social media for validation just quit while ahead because no one really cares to validate what you think about yourself other than people around you.

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