Grillz Laboratory Interview

The Beau Guide recently sat down with the business founder Fusi Mosiuoa Rakauoane the owner of the Grillz Lab in Maboneng and other various cities. We talked more about the various options for grillz and materials used to make this new era jewelry pieces and how he plans on taking over the dentistry world by storm in the near future. He is an extraordinary businessman and a humble person, We learned alot we hope you will too

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01. Thank you for making time Grillz Lab, what inspired you to be in this type of business? It has always been something that I enjoyed doing since an early age back from making grillz with foil, so I guess when I started studying dental it brought back all the memories of making grillz but now in a much more professional way.

02. That’s truly inspirational on how people are supposed to follow their childhood dreams, But does the market respond well? It’s actually responding well since grillz it’s sort of a new concept in South Africa I guess it’s because South African people always liked gold teeth and some couldn’t get them because they are permanent but now since they can get removable ones people you did imagine would go for gold teeth are getting them.

03. That’s interesting, A growing market in SA, being a dentist is a must for aspiring grillz maker? Yes, it does, specifically for dental technologists because it gives you the necessary skills and also allows you to work with anything that has to go into a person’s mouth as far the South African Law is concerned and also need to own a registered Laboratory.

04. Now i truly understand why it costs a leg, This career is a certified luxury brand. Speaking of luxury what are the materials used to produce grillz? We start off using impressions material which takes up the measurements of your mouth and simulates your teeth and then taken to the Lab where plaster will be used to make a model from then onwards various materials will be used to construct a grillz such as gold, chrome, titanium, platinum, etc

05. So from most expensive to lease would you state that for us and what kind of material would you advise a 1st-time grill buyer? Honestly, it all depends on your budget we have a wide range eg. gold from 9karat to 24karat gold, and the nice thing about it is you can add extras on the very same grillz you purchased the first time e.g adding stones from cubical zirconia to diamond any kind.

06. That’s really interesting, So you cater to everyone, You mentioned you now have branches? I cater to everyone and with branches, I’d say they running well though the one in Maboneng is more active since it has been around for a while.

07. That’s good. Do you own 100% of the company if so are you willing to get shareholders? I own 100% and I am not ready for shareholders as yet.

08. That’s interesting. What would you tell someone looking up to you? Do the most while you are still young, fear is a disease never let it catch you never hang around people with it because it’s highly contagious.

09. And your younger self. What would you tell him? Patience is very important

10. That’s really great advice as we tend to think things will peak in a year, What other information would you like to tell us regarding the business? We will also be offering full dental work eg. Cleaning, filling, extraction, crown, and all from the 1st of May

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