Modern Man: Giggs Kgole

This month on a Modern Man we feature Giggs Kgole a visual artist that has been all around the world selling art pieces. From Rome to Cannes Mr Kgole has done it all. He’s painting reveal a layer of He’s soul and with each painting something is alive inside them. He’s also one of the youngest art gallery owners in the world. So we at the Beau decided to sit down with this creative genus and see how he makes dream work work for him and he’s family

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01. How did you get introduced you to the world of art? I was introduced to the idea of art when I was in primary school in grade 4. However it was only when I was 16 years old in high school I realized that their is actually a thriving art world out there and I had the opportunity to be part of it if I worked hard enough. My f irst year show and official introduction to the art world was 8 months after a completed Matric when I had my first exhibition at the Pretoria Art Museum as I was in the Top 100 for the 2016 Sasol New Signature competition.

02. That’s impressive, They always say put you heart into something in a young age, And how did you grow from there? I 100% agree with that, for myself, I’ve learnt to put in more than just my heart but my soul in every single masterpiece I create. Through the tough and successful times, I’ve always told myself that I should give of my all when I work on my works, it would be an injustice to my ancestors and my future blood line if i didn’t create every single work to the absolute best of my ability. This is were I found growth, when I started working working to the best of my ability and once I had mastered something and made sure to learn something new which I didn’t master yet so the works keeps developing and growing in depth. I believe I’m in the first stages of a long relationship between the me and my work, and with any relationship, communication, understanding and growth is key to make it stronger.

03. Most artist translate sexuality into their work. What’s your key message of all your masterpieces, because I believe each and everyone of them are telling a cohesive storyline? For me in this stage of my career, it’s telling “Untold African Stories” I believe a lot of our stories as Africans have been neglected throughout history, so contemporary art allows me to write history by being a voice for the voiceless and share these Untold African Stories with the world.

04. That’s powerful, Untold stories of the African culture need more people to translate it everything and everywhere. How do you diversify or you find people who are interested and are they African ethnicity? I believe from the moment I place my first brush strokes on a piece, the people who are meant to see, hear or buy the work are already drawn to the work and will meet it at it’s completion. The work gets where it needs to be and seen where it needs to be seen. There is a bit of Africa all over the world so people will always find the work.

05. So fate leads them into your work? I like to call it the universe instead. The universe leads others souls to the souls I’ve spread through my masterpieces.

06. You sound like a spiritualist. Are you transcending African spiritualism? I would believe so. I’m very spiritual in my approach of my works and life. So of the works are inspired by dreams and vision and still relay the authentic Untold African Stories in most narratives.

07. Going to Cannes and Rome because of work, How did you do all that and what have you learned abroad, Something you couldn’t have learned home? Through hard work and sweat, I had to get accepted to university over season in Rome then afterwards raise funding for leaving in Europe for a year. Wasn’t easy doing that at a 19 year old turning 20 with no generational wealth. I had to create my own wealth and value through my masterpieces to allow me to travel the world, through tough, sleepless night I managed to accomplish that. Being in Europe taught me a lot about resilience, and knowing of my worthiness. This making me realize that I can become a Globally recognized master artist at my young age, and that is what I am pursuing now

08. At your young age and accomplishing this great deal of everything in a career you like. Are woman throwing themselves to you? I keep my private life private, I’m a tired down man and I don’t leave any room for any woman to have any ideas of throwing themselves at me as my Mrs is always made present.

09. What would you tell someone looking up to you? Don’t compare yourself, otherwise you’ll waste a lot of time you won’t get back, if you know you can do it, do it. The moment you believe in yourself, the people around you will see that and start believing in you too. Pride, throw it out the window, it’s going to stunt your growth, we’re all journeying life together, if you ever need help or knowledge. Ask, don’t be too Proud! Let your family be proud of you.

10. For someone who has not purchased an art piece, What should they be looking out for? Before purchasing any piece, you should know what your purchasing it for and do your research on the artists and art materials used for the work. Their various reasons why people purchase works, know yours before doing so.

Photo: The Beau Team Courtesy of CapturedART
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