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We recently sat down with designer of the well tailored fashion house Scottish Brown to discuss the growing business ventures of Fashion in the African market, And he’s reason to be an on call tailor, Tailoring clothing according to the customers wishlist and how there’s a market within that strategy of selling clothing. From fashion shows to now being an on call tailor where can this fashion genius take the venture of the business of fashion next.

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01. Would you consider yourself someone who lives and breathes fashion? Yes I would I grow up in a house of designers, but style than fashion, fashion changes all the time and designs change from style to style according to the customer’s unique preference then the fashion impresses.

02. But isn’t Fashion such a significant part of your life? Yes, It defines who I am an I get to express my feeling with every design I make.

03. You have seen other designers work. Who would you say gave inspiration to you to create such a bold and powerful detailing in your clothing? I’ve always looked up to best tailors such as Artur Santos from Portugal. His work always blesses me to want to learn more & Brian Mabaso.

04. The designer you are talking about are very non commercial is that the direction you taking as Scottish Brown? Yes they are not commercial but underground heading to being commercial as we know a step at a time, As a brand we are also stepping ahead and we take our inspirations from people who are closer.

05. That’s a great observation regarding your customer. But now into the business of Scottish Brown, Would you say you have steps to growing your brand into the commercial market, If so what are they?We using big fashion weeks such as the MSA fashion week online magazine for marketing and will be doing same videos for social media but also the customers sell us to their friends too.

06. With social media you can bypass any media outlet. The strategy behind marketing is what some brands do not understand. How would you say your ad campaigns translate into the world? or what message would you like to give of with your ad campaigns? Since we have different people who wants their own designs and some ideas from us I would like to believe that we deliver to suit their happiness. So they would see our versatility we bring upon each design which is eye catching and leans in with every age and gender automatically it welcomes everyone worldwide.

07. So it’s truly a blessing when Scottish Brown releases an entire collection for showcasing? A blessing in deed when we get to learn more from other design aspects, Get our own brand on the showcase its great feedback and adventure.

08. That’s interesting, Woolworths is now hosting clothing from local designers, Would you be interested in this deal? Yes, We would.

09. What would you tell your younger self? Believe in yourself no matter what people may say and take your time with whatever you do and make the best out of yourself

10. And any advice would you give someone looking up to you? Believe in your dreams an don’t forget to pray it only takes determination and faith to make your dreams come true

Photo: The Beau Team Courtesy of CapturedART
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