Could Plastic Surgery Be The Bridged To Racial Indifference?

Everywhere you look more and more people are getting reconstructive surgery to better enhance their features, From rhino plasty to lip fillers and the more people enhance their features the more they drift off into other racial features. For example black people are known to have big lips and for years black people were ridiculed for big lips but now more and more white people are getting lip f illers. It is said that now it makes you look youthful and having fuller lips is a sign of good health. But normally white people have thin lips. And black people are getting eye surgery to change the color of their eyes into hazel eyes or even green eyes and that’s a white feature. So could this epidemic be the bridge to none racial issues? Because if one looks like the other, The other should not hate the other.

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From lip fillers to tanning beds and now the newest b utt enhancement underneath the vanity of reconstructive surgery also it helps those who are in need like the image. Botox a drug prepared medically to treat certain muscular conditions and cosmetically to remove wrinkles by temporarily paralyzing facial muscles. But like everything else too much of something is bad for you as the image your see below. This is another case of a botched surgery job where the client knows exactly what they want and the doctors are obligated to get you exactly what you want even if they do not believe in the procedure but in some scenarios doctors are the ones that do not not how to perform that particular procedure but need the money to make ends meet. More whites and black are bridging the gap between racial differences by the year 2062 all of humanity will be mixed race and those that are not will have work done on not less than two place in their bodies that’s the statistics research by the Wits University mainly rhino plasty and lip fillers

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