Are We Back To Diversity In The Industry?

It seems like the fashion industry has taken a bit of a turn back into the age of diversity with the modeling industry. Girls like Naomi Campbell, Tyra Banks and Iman used to be super models in the 90’s and listening to one of the interviews all that changed when Prada introduced the “girl that looks like a boy” on the runway show and every huge brand wanted that look wearing their collections. It’s rather odd that one fashion house can influence all the major fashion houses.

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Soon after every fashion house wanted the same kind of model even going to extreme lengths to put thin girls on diet pills, having girls abort their pregnancies as you cannot be an ounce of plump on the runway. Model have went on record where they deliberately state that fashion agents / stylist would tape their thighs around so the walk changes and they look thin. The controversial part about this disturbing incidents that used to happen. It’s not the fashion houses making girls do these crazy things but model scouts / fashion agents and stylists for shows without the Fashion creative directors knowledge. Running a multi billion dollar company and this is happening right under your nose can reflect bad to the company as it would seem that the company is complicit with this horrific order of things that people they hire are doing right under their noses.

Thankfully we are facing a new era where models like Duckie Thot and our cover model Adut more and more fashion houses are hiring black models usually from refugee camps in Kenya, South Sudan and Ethiopia these girls are authentically have strong African features making it more acceptable and really putting “black” as the face of beauty which was shut down from the ages of Noami and Tyra. So could this be a new era in the fashion industry? If so, We at the Beau Guide are fully here for it as beauty should not be measured by one skin tone but opening up the industry shows young girls that they too are beautiful in their dark skin. It’s hard being the a leader with these kind of initiatives as you are branded with a label which also can be the reason why other brands do not hire you. Some hire you because of this label but other girls that look like you don’t get hired as they are not you. But we are moving towards the right way as everything has a starting point.

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