Inside The LeMfüx Empire

We recently sat down with the Director of the fashion house LeMfüx. The young designer located in Durban is trading with the entire South Africa. Athenkosi Mfungula has graced runways from Durban Fashion Fair to South African Men’s Week, He caters to both men and woman and has single handedly created and launched everything on he’s own investments. Nothing says dedication than that. We at the Beau Guide talk to this force to be reckoned with below @LeMfuxZA

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01. Do You Remember Your Earliest Moment With Clothing? I was in High School when I started designing, I drew on my Examination papers and after exams I would ask different students if they would wear all those design, I designed the schools Matric jacket and it was banned from school but about 50% of the Matriculents bought one

02. Why Did You Decide To Build A Fashion Co. What Inspired The Business? Fashion is in my blood, I eat, drink, sleep and think Fashion. I didn’t know it back then but I know it now, What inspired it to be a business was the sales that I did at school (Matric Jackets) I have never looked back ever since.

03. Who Is The LeMfüx Men / Woman? A LemFüx man loves clothes and attention to detail in a mixture of both smart casual or as i say it Klaass vs Swag and the woman loves clothes and drama, A ambitious woman a real go getter.

04. Where Do You See The Business Being In 10years? I see the business growing, supplying stores in KZN, Johannesburg and showcasing in major Fashion Weeks and having fashion tours in the country.

05. With Social Media You Can Bypass Media Outlets, Has Social Media Ad Campaigns Help Elevate Your Business? Social Media has indeed helped elevate my business. On these platforms you can post your work for people to see, and the response has been amazing since I started and every year theres is growth and that shows positivity with social media

06. There’s A Stigma With Africans Not Seeing “African” Products As Quality, What Do You Have To Say About That? We should stop bashing our own products and start promoting them, If they lack quality then improve the quality, South Africa is in the worlds spotlight now, Big fashion brands are coming to South Africa for inspiration.

07. What Is Your State Of Mind Right Now, Compared To When You 1st Started? My state of mind is totally different from when I started out, Now I have been to major Fashion Weeks, I have learned a lot about fashion in detail, I have been on Rawsilk SABC1 S2, I have experienced a major pageant (Mrs Universe) all thanks To Durban Fashion Fair. When I started out i didn’t know Fashion was all about this and more.

08. Trading With The Entire South Africa Must Come With Difficulties, What Is The Most Difficult Situation Your Business Has Went Through? My most difficult situation in my business is clients and fabric, mostly clients though, I don’t get quite enough of clients but I have been working on a solution to this and I believe I have found one.

09. Stores Like Woolworths Are Now Retailing Local Designers Clothing, Would You Be Interested In This Deal? Yes I would be more then interested in retailing with stores like Woolworths, I mean that would be a dream come true for me.

10. You Say International Brands Are Inspired By South Africa, What Brands Have Inspired You? Inspiration I get Inspiration from everywhere, most of the times I like being original with the influence of the big brands such as Thom Brown, Versace, Dior, Jai Nice, John Paul Guiltier & here in Africa Its designers like House of Saint Luke, Quame Ouwusu & Chusuwannapa

11. What Would You Tell Your Younger Self? To my younger self I’d tell him to focus and always be positive, Hard work pays off and one day your dreams will come true.

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