Inside Fashion Week With Chris Harvey

We talk Fashion Week with Chris Harvey this model / blogger goes deeper in the system of fashion weeks and how they work. From the models to the designers, hairstylist to makeup. Chris was born in the DRC with 5 siblings he’s the older brother to 3 of his siblings. 2 of them including Chris are studying in University of Johannesburg. Chris grew up in a loving family yet he set out to be different from what society around the world called norm and that was how Chris the Model was born he has graced the MFW to AFI to name a few. @chriis_harvey

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01. Chris thank you for sitting with us today, How have you’ve been? Thank you for having me. I’ve been good, welcoming the new year in a positive attitude

02. Speaking of the new year, Last year 2018 You seemed to dominate the runways, How was the experience? It was great, a bit overwhelming. It was a great opportunity for me to be on the ramp at AFI, what a magnificent show. I had an opportunity to showcase for Imprint, amongst all the other designers

03. We’ll be sure to dig deeper into the Imprint brand as you sold it so well, Behind the scenes what’s the ambience like during these hectic and stressful shows? It’s exciting and a little overwhelming since we have to deal with the last touch ups as in make up, the walk you know but the vibe is great

04. You talk about make up do you think it’s about time men launch their own make up Yes, why not? I’ve seen men in the make up industry, I’ve seen men who are make up artists. I personally don’t think it’s a bad idea

05. Someone reading this should make a plan, What are your best South African designers and why? Ephymol, David Tlale & House of Olé. Because they keep it one hundred percent African, everything is stunning and has a modern twist.

06. Sounds to me like you love African prints, Is that the direction you’d like to see even international designers per take on? Yes, I feel like it would be good to see international designers do more African prints, it would make their designs more inclusive and diverse

07. Speaking of diversity and inclusivity, Do you not think with the fashion industry needs to feature more short, plump and and cultural people not only in the runway but also in ad campaigns? Yes it would be great to start seeing some plus size women in ad campaigns. In a way, their products would be targeting everyone, Because we all have that one aunt *giggles*

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