Are You Weird Or Just A Genius?

Most of you all know that one person that is out of their mind (not literally) and you tend to ask them, “Why are you so weird” but could that “weirdness” actually be their genius? Society has built a life like character that binds people into categories based on ethnicity, preference and gender but as you’ve seen multiple times before being human is much more than categories. To fully understand a human being you have to look at the surroundings surrounding this special creature, The earth is one blue dot in a galaxy of a ecosystem that agrees with one another in motion, And understanding that you practically are understanding humans. We all have a role as we are different mechanisms that have to agree with one another in motion. The matter of fact is that everyone is unique and defiantly different and that what makes them weird to others, So before you brand someone as weird think about how that person will receive it, Will you be shaming them into a shell or will you embrace their unique traits. Because being colored does not mean your dangerous, Being black does not mean your a criminal and being a woman does not mean your weak. If we all embrace one another we will live in a more accepting world, A care free world where everyone agrees in motion with everyone and everything else

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