The Perfect Man Through A Woman’s Eyes

Woman everywhere have something to say on how men should conduct themselves in public and in private spaces, And the main solution woman came up with is that men should have SELF CONTROL SELF CONTROL is a luxury some men can only dream of, In our societies men are given a golden splendor in which sometimes is not earned through hard work and dedication. It is good to make men heads of the households but could that power turn men into animals towards their better half’s? Because as woman should submit to their better half, Men should love and treat woman with respect rather than as sex objects to bear children and it all starts with you. Understand the fact that she will have ways to deal with life’s challenges that are different from men. You should not understand her decisions but trust the fact that she knows what she’s doing, Having an opinion does not make her the MAN OF THE HOUSE but makes her a person just like you.

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