How To Get Your Abs Rock Hard

Be sure to always be mentally ready for the commitment of working out, As everything takes consistency.

STEP 1 •Lay back on the floor and take deep breaths of air and hold it for 15 seconds and let go and reach out like you reaching for the light in 3 sets and always keep your hands up high as this will also tone your hands rest for 1minute and continue

STEP 2 • Lay back on your back and reach for a grip on your head and rock your legs up be sure not to keep them straight but slightly bent for a more maximum reach

STEP 4 •Nothing as ever been best like the tradition ab work, But for a more effective workout make sure the bench is inclined up to raise up the intensity

And STEP 5 •Sometimes you need the most simplest form of a workout like keeping in good form and raising your legs in a 90 degree angle for great abs and remember to keep those hands up


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